Oosteroever Oostende – Circulair District

Location Oostende (BE)
Year 2022 (August)
Status Final
Language NL
Team BUUR - Part of Sweco
Commissioner Stad Oostende (City of Ostend), OVAM (Flemish Public Waste Agency)

The Oosteroever Ostend (BE) played a very important role in the formation of the city in the past. Even today it constitutes a strategically located economic site, of considerable size, along the waterfront and a short distance from the historic city center. The site is facing a profound transformation. Many initiatives and studies are underway.

There is a need for an integral strategy that focuses not only on creating ‘space’ for new forms of economy (for example, circular economy) or a broadening of functions (social program), but on creating networks of actors and creating spatial conditions that ensure support for a sustainable urban development with strong cohesion and identity.

This report describes two phases of research. First, it starts with a thorough analysis from which an exercise is made to possible substantive vocations of the area. The possible vocations are refined with the help and input of various actors . It was necessary to build this incrementally because this formed the basis of the design research in the second phase. The purpose of this design research was to look for a flexible, circular and future-proof infill for the Oosteroever Oostende.

Source: BUUR Part of Sweco

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