North Sea Port District: Work Agenda

Location North Sea Port cross-border region (BE/NL)
Year 2019
Status Final
Team Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB). Partners: Gemeenten Gent, Evergem, Zelzate, Terneuzen, Borsele en Vlissingen en de Provincies Oost-Vlaanderen en Zeeland, North Sea Port
Commissioner Euregio Scheldemond

The North Sea Port District is a unique area. Its backbone is the recently merged North Sea Port, which is formed across the national borders and the Western Scheldt. This led to the two regions around the port in Flanders and the Netherlands wanting to form a stronger cross-border co-operating area: a District around North Sea Port.

Via the District, developments around existing cities, villages, landscapes and businesses can be more closely coordinated. Opportunities and bottlenecks in the various parts of the District can be tackled better if the District as a whole is considered. Many themes suitable for collaboration. The research focuses on a number of working lines, including ‘energy and circularity’.

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