Flemish Port Strategy 2030 – MORA Advice on the Concept Note

Location Flemish Region (BE)
Year 2021 (January)
Status Final
Language NL
Author(s) Vlaamse Mobiliteitsraad (MORA)

The new approach to the Flemish Port Policy, of which the Flemish Port Strategy 2030 is part, is supported by the Vlaamse Mobiliteitsraad (Flemish Advisory Council for Mobility Policy, MORA) although the strategy is considered as a first step. The Council encourages the Flemish government to concretize this strategy in individual agreements with the Flemish ports. They also request to involve the broader civil society in this elaboration and implementation. In this way, it can contribute to broadening the support for the ports.

Investing in the circular economy is an opportunity to increase the added value of ports, the Council indicates. It is important to clarify circular goals and to see what it means for all aspects of port policy. The Flemish ports will also fulfill a circular hub function in the circular transition in a European context. According to the Council, the link with the necessary capacity increase for that transition is not yet sufficiently made.

The Council claimes role for itself in translating the socio-economic and social added value of the ports, indicating the importance of investments and strategies (to the Flemish Parliament), and in acting as a sounding board about the complementarity of the ports.

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