Circular Port Monitor – Explorative Research: Toward First Actionable Insights

Year 2022 (August)
Status Final
Language EN
Author(s) Lynn Faut, Fanny Soyeur, Elvira Haezendonck, Michaël Dooms (VUB), Peter de Langen (PLA) and Alain Verbeke (ECSA)
Commissioner Circular Flanders

Interview with Professor Elvira Haezendonck (VUB) on the Circular Port Monitor

Following the publication of the Circular Port Monitor – Explorative Research: Toward First Actionable Insights, we spoke with Professor Dr. Elvira Haezendonck (VUB, Social Sciences & Solvay Business School). She and her team are conducting research on monitoring the progress of the circular economy in our ports. This is an important step , because how are we to know that we are on the right track with the circular transition in ports, if we cannot measure it? “Ports and their companies are expected by society to take their environmental and economic impact to a higher level, but relatively little is known about what this impact really entails. Gradually, as a society, we want to see real data,” says Professor Haezendonck.

Download the publication ‘Circular Port Monitor – Explorative Research: Toward First Actionable Insights’

If you have an interest in the explorative research…

The exploration is recorded in the form of a research notebook in which all the steps and findings of the exploration are carefully documented. As such, it reads differently than a publication for a wide public. Still, we want to be as transparent as possible in sharing this information. Therefore everything is open access under the CC BY-NC-ND license. You can request both the final report and the appendices by leaving your personal information.

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The current momentum around circular economy monitoring and the evolving role of port managers (PMBs) in sustainability reporting is an excellent opportunity to clarify the direction in which this should be integrated into port performance systems. This is the time to establish the right framework and context to take incremental steps towards a mature circular economy monitoring system in port areas. This topic focuses not only on exploring and clarifying the challenge or simply gaining insights, but also on making these insights actionable.

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