A conversation about bridging ports and their hinterland

Location Flemish Region (BE)
Year 2015 (December)
Status Final
Language NL
Author(s) Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning (VRP)

Thinking about space and economy will sooner or later inevitably lead to the Flemish ports. This is still the focus of our industrial activity. A number of spatial issues also converge here: lack of space, changing production patterns, conversion strategies, infrastructure issues, … There is no shortage of challenges.

At the end of 2015, the Flemish Association for Space and Planning (VRP) invited Jan Blomme (Flemish port commissioner) and Bart Vannieuwenhuyse (architect of the ‘Extended Gateway’ concept and co-founder of TRI-VIZOR nv) for an interview.

Source: This article is originally from the magazine RUIMTE (nr. 28, 2015) Vlaamse Vereniging voor Ruimte en Planning (VRP) www.vrp.be/ruimte

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