Havendebat Port of Zwolle

Port of Zwolle
Source University of Plymouth & University of Strathclyde

Havendebat Port of Zwolle

The Port of Zwolle Debate takes place on October 26th. The overarching theme that will be discussed is the Future Vision of Zwolle, in which the ambition is expressed to become the fourth economic top region of the Netherlands.

During the various debate rounds, debaters consisting of: national politicians, regional politicians, entrepreneurs and experts will compete with each other. Besides the participants on stage, the audience in the hall also participates.


We will start with an overarching keynote and then continue with three debate rounds with different debaters. Each debate round will last about half an hour and will be preceded by a keynote. The following subtopics will be debated:

  • Space for the port – long-term vision
  • Space for development: Human Capital
  • Space for greening: Energy Transition

The event is funded by Circular Economy Network + in Transportation Systems. The Circular Economy Network+ in Transportation Systems (CENTS) is a research network for the sustainable transport community, with a focus on the informed design and utilisation of more environmentally friendly, renewable and/or recyclable materials.

CENTS will focus on transport platforms where circular economy (CE) principles have not been well embedded from the outset, in order to identify synergies between different supply chains and to optimise certain practices, such as improved end of life recovery, recycling rates, energy and material efficiency. It will also be ‘forward looking’ in terms of developing future designs, business models and manufacturing approaches so that emergent transport systems are inherently circular.


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