The Implementation of Sustainability Strategies in Ports

The Implementation of Sustainability Strategies in Ports: Contextual Challenges Confronting Port Managing Bodies

This book presents an in-depth investigation of the practical rationale and underlying motives for the adoption and implementation of two important sustainability practices applied by port authorities (or broadly port managing bodies) worldwide. More specifically, it focuses on the practices of environmentally differentiated port pricing schemes and sustainability reporting. As both of these practices are deeply embedded within the core business activities of port managing bodies, the research presented unveils previously undisclosed elements of strategic decision-making processes. As a result, this book provides practical, hands-on methodologies to inspire port managers and stakeholders worldwide, not only in terms of adopting both practices in particular but also in terms of offering a generic framework to support adoption of sustainability practices in general. On an academic level, an interesting application of institutional theory to sustainable strategies in port clusters is presented, using different methodological angles. Finally, the book identifies the current state and potential future path towards a higher level of sustainability commitment for port communities worldwide.


Year 2020 (May)
Status Final (PhD Research)
Language EN
Author(s) Magali Geerts (VUB)

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