Haven van Brussel Masterplan 2040 (BE)

Masterplan 2040 Port of Brussels

The Masterplan 2040 of the Port of Brussels integrates two challenges facing the port: the environmental and economic transition on its port domain.

Unlike in the previous Masterplan 2030, the priorities of the circular economy, city logistics and the revaluation of the port domain within its borders and in the light of a broader city-port economic system were zoomed in more extensively.

The Masterplan was approved at the end of 2019. The Masterplan should serve as a guide for port development until 2040 and also provided input for the new Management Agreement 2021-2025 between the Brussels-Capital Region and the Port of Brussels.


Location Brussels-Capital Region (BE)
Year 2019 (December)
Status Final
Language NL
Commissioner Port of Brussels Authority
Team European Centre Strategic Analysis (ECSA), MSA (ms-a.be), MOBI - VUB (mobi.research.vub.be)

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