Haven Amsterdam – Strategie 2021-2025 (NL)

Port of Amsterdam – Strategy 2021-2025

In a Strategic Plan 2017-2021 'Course to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Port', the Port Authority expressed its ambition to make the port faster, smarter and cleaner. With the new Strategic Plan 2021-2025, the port wants to accelerate the transition over the next four years towards making port industrial activities more sustainable. The emphasis is less on tonnage growth and more on diversification. Investments in, among other things, future-proof infrastructures accelerate the energy and materials transition (circular economy) and enable more intensive use of the port sites. In this way, various challenges facing the port are anticipated, such as a lack of space and the climate crisis.


Location Amsterdam (NL)
Year 2020 (September)
Status Final
Language Dutch
Author(s) Port (Authority) of Amsterdam

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