Harbour Light - Port and transport related EU policy and regulations (BE)

Port and transport related EU policy and regulations

The professionals’ guide

The publication sheds light on EU port and transport-related policy and regulations. It gives a general overview of the content and state of decision-making of 46 selected European files, which relate to ports and transport. In addition to these files, some relevant documents (directives, guidelines, communications, draft texts, ...) have been added. A glossary of the most important terms from the European jargon is to be found in the annexes of this document. In addition, the most important decision-making procedures are also explained. Harbour Light results from the cooperation between three organisations: the Flemish Port Commission (FPC), the National Ports Council (NPC, the Netherlands) and the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO).

Location Europe (EU)
Year 2012 (November)
Status Final
Language EN
Author(s) Flemish Port Commission (VL), National Ports Council (NL), European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO, www.espo.be)

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