Circular Mainframe - Een ontwerpverkenning naar een grensoverschrijdend Smart Multi Commodity Grid (NL)

Circular Mainframe - An exploration into a cross-border Smart Multi Commodity Grid

The idea of ​​a Circular Mainframe was previously developed on behalf of the Dutch ‘Klimaattafel Industrie’ and offers space and direction to many initiatives from various stakeholders and users. This extra exploration builds on knowledge from previous studies, including 'National Perspective Energy & Spatial Planning' (2017), 'Spatial Exploration Energy and Climate' (2018), 'Spatial Implications Climate Agreement and NOVI' (2019) and 'Via Parijs (2020).

These studies provided the first impetus for a coherent picture for the whole of the Netherlands, in which spatial opportunities for and considerations for the energy transition were examined. Within the scope of this additional exploration, this concept was further translated into a cross-border mainframe that also includes the exchange of goods and materials. This makes interesting nodes in the material and energy system visible.

The Circular Mainframe can act as a spatial shell for future, sustainable developments and transformations and can thus also accelerate them.

Source: Studio Marco Vermeulen


Location The Delta Region (NL-BE)
Year 2021 (June)
Status Final
Language NL
Commissioner Nederlandse Ministerie Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijkrelaties (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations of the Netherlands)
Team Studio Marco Vermeulen (

In collaboration with: