Circular (City) Ports - Shaping Future Changes (BE)

Circular (City) Ports - Shaping Future Changes

Circular Flanders and the Delta Atelier presented in 2020 twelve action lines were to strategize upon in order to develop a more structured approach to the implementation of circularity in ports. These action lines were developed in connection with cities, regions and the Delta as a whole.

This report summarizes these action lines and is the result of the Circular (City) Port explorative research from October 2018 until May 2020. It has been finalized with comments from three online webinars held in late April 2020 with a core group of different actors. Based on the key arguments of these webinars, five conclusive work packages have been formulated, combining different essential aspects of the action lines. These work packages are the steps that can be taken in order to go further structurally in the transition to circularity.


Location Delta region (BE/NL)
Year 2020 (June)
Status Final
Language EN
Commissioner Circular Flanders / OVAM
Team Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB), 1010au, Elvira Haezendonck (VUB)
Share and cite Architecture Workroom Brussels (AWB), 1010 architecture urbanism (1010au), Elvira Haezendonck (VUB), 2020, Circular (City) Ports. Shaping Future Changes, commissioned by Circular Flanders / OVAM

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