Circular Area Development (NL)

Circular Area Development

Recommendations for creating a circularly functioning area

The main objective of this research is to understand how circular functioning can be taken into account in the development of circular areas. Based on the understanding of how the circular functioning of an area is or is not taken into consideration during circular area development, recommendations will be drawn up. The research question that is answered: ‘’Which recommendations can contribute to an area development with regard to the circular functioning of an area?’’.

In September 2020, researcher Sven van Bakel won the annual TU Delft Circular Built Environment award in the category 'Cities and Regions' with his Master Thesis.


Location The Netherlands (NL)
Year 2020 (May)
Status Final (Master Thesis)
Language EN
Author(s) Sven van Bakel (TUDelft), Mentors: Dr. Karel Van den Berghe, Dr. Alexander Wandl (TUDelft)
Keywords circular economy, circularity, circular area development, networks, built environment, urban metabolism

In collaboration with: