Circulair Buiksloterham – Een Living Lab voor circulaire gebiedsontwikkeling (NL)

Circular Buiksloterham – A Living Lab for Circular Area Development

Transitioning Amsterdam to a Circular city

For Buiksloterham, a 100 hectare post-industrial site in Amsterdam-North, a vision, roadmap and action plan was developed to transition to a fully circular neighborhood. Today, the neighbourhood is set to become a global example of circular urban development.

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Location Amsterdam (NL)
Year 2017
Status Final (Research)
Language NL
Commissioner Waternet, De Alliantie and the City of Amsterdam
Team DELVA Landscape Architects, Metabolic, Studio Nine Dots, Peter Dortwegt (New Energy Docks), Saskia Muller (Amsterdam Smart City), Frank Alsema (Neighborhood Coordinator)

In collaboration with: