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Renasci - Ostend

Renewable energy from residual waste


What’s happening? How does it happen?

BIOSTOOM Ostend produces green electricity from residual waste originating from pre-treated commercial waste or household waste. Steam is produced with the heat that is released during the combustion process and it is producing electricity by driving the turbines. The bottom ash is completely valorized as a secondary raw material.

Why is this an interesting circular initiative for circular harbours?

The energy production throughout the steam turbine is powered by pre-treated commercial waste and household waste. It is relevant to highlight the circularity of this initiatives, since the bottom ashes coming from the combustion of the waste are reused as secondary raw material, and since the steam is re-transformed again in water and reused in the process in order to produce energy.

What is the relation with the port and water?

The initiatives it is located in the industrial port of Ostend. It does not have a close relationship with the water port, but it is relevant part of the port system.

What is the relation with the city?

The connection with the city is related to the waste streams, in fact, the waste burned in order to produce heat is coming from commercial activities and households located in the city.

Who is behind it?

The company is owned by two different big initiatives: Bionerga which has been recuperating raw materials and energy from non-reusable waste streams for more than 30 years in a socially responsible manner; and NIBC.

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