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About this website

Circular (City) Ports

The exploratory trajectory on Circular (City) Ports, as presented on this website, is a complementary part of the broader Delta Atelier 'Circular Ports' program. The exploration is commissioned by Circular Flanders/OVAM. This website wants to unlock the content and insights of the exploration and serve as a launchpad for action in the field. 

About Circular Flanders

Circular Flanders

Circular Flanders is the hub and the inspiration for the Flemish circular economy. It is a partnership of governments, companies, civil society, and the knowledge community that will take action together.

We invests in this project because we aknowledge the strategic role of (city) ports as driving forces for the circular economy.

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About the Delta Atelier

Delta Atelier

The Delta Atelier is an autonomous P2P knowledge and action platform of 50+ actors who work in innovative ways to make the urban landscapes of our joint Delta. The Delta Atelier platform bundles scattered knowledge and practical experience about the spatial impact of different transitions (mobility, energy, water, biodiversity, circular economy, agriculture, care) and organizes interaction between peers - both designers and policy makers and organizations as experts - so that they learn from each other and jointly formulate and realize new breakthroughs.

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