Inspiration session on ‘circular ship design’

Source MCA Labs

How might we create a circular plan for ships that enable for vessels to become more modular and flexible in changing times and ensuring that a more circular ship with more circular material choices is made competitive in the current financing models with old-school vessels.

Basic premise

With the long timespan of maritime vessels, it is very important in this day and age to have a clear plan on the circularity of your vessels, especially with the many transitions the sector is facing (energy transition, smart ships, autonomy).

How can we ensure that ships are built in a manner that allows for changes but also allows for a clear end of life plan for the vessels.

Inspiration session

Date and location

When: 22 June, 2023 from 4:30 PM

Where: MCA Labs, Maritime Campus Antwerp, De Gerlachekaai 20, 2000 Antwerp


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